Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Other Minor Threat

And Out Come the Wolves
1995, Epitaph
produced by Jerry Finn

  • Root Radicals/I Wanna Riot
  • Time Bomb/ Wars End/ Blast Em
  • Ruby Soho/ Thats Entertainment/ Disorder and Disarray
One might ask what could be better than Operation Ivy, or So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes? The answer, of course, is this album. Tim Armstrong and Matt Freedman from OpIvy and Lars Fredericksen united to bring us a ska influenced street punk band which would become my favorite punk sound.  

After finding NOFX, Rancid would be a next logical step, followed by countless other Epitaph signed bands, including the legendary Bad Religion. From a 14 year old's eyes, this was epic. I borrowed this album from my buddy for weeks. I also have the Time Bomb single/EP/ 7". Sometimes they still play it on the local radio station.

The cover art may look familiar. It is a homage to the Minor Threat EP cover, which is actually a photo of Alec MacKaye. I'm pretty sure this photo was taken by Henry Rollins, but I can't find any proof.

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