Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Punk Rock Secret Agents

Operation Ivy
Operation Ivy
1991, Lookout! 
produced by Larry Livermore

Jesse Michaels - vocals
Lint (Tim Armstrong) - guitar/vocals
Matt McCall (Freeman) - bass
Dave Mello - drums

I discovered punk rock in middle school. Usually the first few bands a middle school kid finds are radio friendly starter bands... fuck that noise!

The bands I started listening to within this genre included Bad Religion (because Sublime covered We're all Gonna Die on 40oz to Freedom), Rancid, and NoFX. Not exactly Green Day/ Blink 182 territory here, although I did listen to the latter. I bought most of my music on the cheap... the school I went to was down the street from a discount used record store, and this one was one of those 8 dollar purchases.

This is actually a reissue comp combining the previously released album Energy, and the Hectic and Turn it Around 7" EPs. Operation Ivy, to me, set the stage for what a ska/street punk band ought to sound like. This album had the oi feel mixed well with melodic riffs and a ska rhythm section. I always thought Operation Ivy was a cool name for a band too, and when I figured out that half of Rancid used to be in this band, I had to hear it... and it pretty much met my expectations. They sound exactly like a proto-Rancid band ought to sound like. This band is definitely a must listen for those interested in good punk bands that burned brightest and quickest. Operation Ivy lasted 2 years, yet were a forerunner for a distinct brand of punk.

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