Thursday, January 21, 2016

There's Nowhere Left to Go, Stay with Me

Silversun Pickups
Better Nature
New Machine Recordings, 2015
produced by Jacknife Lee

Brian Aubert - guitars, vocals
Nikki Monninger - bass, vocals, vibraphone
Joe Lester - keyboards, synthesizer, drum machine
Christopher Guanlao - drums

  • Nightlight
  • Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance)
I like this band a lot. I have a few of their records now, and they all get substantial play at my house. Carnavas and Neck of the Woods appear on this blog too. This is Silversun Pickups' first record on their own independent label, funded by a direct-to-fan crowdfunding platform, PledgeMusic. It is their third project with Jacknife Lee, who also produced Neck of the Woods, and their singles collection.

Better Nature seems to combine the melodic atmosphere of Carnavas and Swoon with the surreal ambient noise of Neck of the Woods. This record relies more on the driving bottom end of the rhythm section and the structure of the synthesized keyboard sounds. But they still make room for some buzzing distorted guitar work. Also, there is definitely a noted increase in Monninger's presence vocally, which is very fitting, since Aubert's vocals had been mistaken for girl's early on anyway. So far, this is my favorite album from this band, each play gets better and better.

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