Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Revolution will be Bloggerized

I'm about to write all about old news.  And by old, I mean it has already been happening for a few years, but not necessarily covered by the local press/news media.  By now, it may be pretty clear that I'm a big fan of radicalism, or possibly just a radicalist tourist.  It is easy in this country to sit back and talk about taking the power back, and being able to rebel against the status quo and government like our patriot heroes of old, and as our constitution has given us the right.  But usually, realistically taking our government back seems like a longshot, not to mention completely unnecessary.  Also, it is usually crazy reactionaries like the Tea Party that cry about taking the country back.  Back from whom?  Did another nation invade and set up a puppet government, and I missed it?  

The problem with the Tea Party expressions of "revolution" is the extreme hyperbole used for fear mongering.  Tactics like this mask the true xenophobic, selfish and greedy aspirations of the conservative right.  No US congress, or executive branch would ever repeal the second amendment.  Also, civil rights is essential for strong family and community values, even if those civil rights smack traditional religion right in the face.  

what is going on in this picture?
However, there have been several instances recently of the people standing up when it has been absolutely necessary, and taking back their countries from tyranical, oppressive, and irresponsible regimes.  My friend, and blogger extraordinaire, writes for EA World News, and the Interpreter.  He has covered the Arab Spring as it unfolded in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, the situations in Syria, and recently, the issues in the Ukraine.

Below are a few links to places I go to for news, getting far more and better information, and often first hand accounts of what is going on in places like Egypt, the Ukraine, Venezuela, and Syria.  

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