Monday, December 10, 2012

Science Fiction Rocks

Sci-Fi Crimes
2009, Epic
produced by Brian Virtue

Pete Loeffler - guitars, vocals
Sam Loeffler - drums
Dean Bernardini - bass

  • Jars/ The Clincher/ This Circus
  • Letter From a Thief
  • Shameful Metaphors
This group is from the Chicago area, a power trio, much like Alkaline Trio, only less macabre and punky, and more metal.  This band falls into the category of bands like the Who, Motorhead, and Cream that have a sound so big, it is difficult to believe it comes from only three people.

This album has a theme, which is evident from the cover art and title.  Although not every track is about aliens and spaaaaace, they still all have a weird other-worldly vibe to them that ties the whole album together, which is in itself pretty impressive.  So, strap on your aluminum foil helmets, and prepare to phone home.  This album is good from beginning to end.  

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