Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blues Behind Bars

BB King
Live in Cook County Jail
1971, MCA
produced by Bill Szymczyk

BB King - Lucille, vocals
Wilbert Freeman - bass
Sonny Freeman - drums
John Browning - trumpet
Louis Hubert - tenor sax
Booker Walker - alto sax
Ron Levy - piano

Apparently known as "the Chairman of the Board of Blues Guitarists", BB King kills it in this performance at Cook County Jail in Chicago.  Another fine live album recorded with the incarcerated (Live from Folsom Prison and at San Quentin both by Johnny Cash), BB King rolls out a few classic tracks, and even "goes back a little further".

I read a review that Jon Landau wrote in 1971 on this album.  And I've come to the conclusion that Landau is an idiot.  His least favorite part of the album is the best part (Someday Baby) and pretty much highlights how much Landau doesn't understand the blues.

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