Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Frunobulax, a Very Large Poodle Dog

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
Roxy and Elsewhere
1974, DiscReet
produced by Frank

I'm sure there are better Mothers albums out there. This one is live. I actually never bought anything else, although I could. My dad had most of his records. This is the only one he let me play when I was a kid, claiming it was the least vulgar.

As live albums go, it is great. It is not a complete live show, but rather a show spliced together from live performances at the Roxy in Hollywood, the Chicago Auditorium, and Edinboro State College. Even the individual tracks have been edited, using material from the three shows to create Frankenstein-like tracks.

There are a few instrumentals showcasing the versatility and musicianship of the group, and clever antics like Dummy Up. Notable musicians in this line-up include Napoleon Murphy Brock; Bruce, Tom, and Walt Fowler; and Ruth Underwood. My favorite track is Cheapnis, an homage to B-movie monster flicks.

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