Friday, February 17, 2012

Sacrificing Like Lambs

Counting Crows
August and Everything After
1993, Geffen
produced by T-Bone Burnett

Adam Duritz - vocals, piano, harmonica
Matt Malley - bass
Chris Gillingham - piano, organ, accordion
Steve Bowman - drums
David Bryson - guitars

  • Mr. Jones/ Raining in Baltimore/ Rain King
  • Round Here/ Ghost Train/ Ghost in You
  • Rain King/ Anna Begins/ Round Here
  • Murder of One
The Counting Crows debut album is quite possibly their best. The single to this album is one of the first songs I had ever connected to someone else. Mr. Jones was a pretty popular radio hit when it was released, and I remember screwing around in gym class which ended in spontaneous song... this song, sung loudly and badly by two school kids. I can't remember her name now, but I do remember we went to church together, and I remember hearing it on the radio afterwards and remembering that particular gym class. 

Anyway, this album would be forgotten until high school when a friend of mine would play Raining in Baltimore and Anna Begins on the school piano, I found a renewed appreciation for it. The songs are certainly deeper and more contemplative than normal radio hits at the time. Besides, you don't have to rock out all the time.

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