Friday, August 5, 2011

Extended Play

The use of the terms LP and EP have nearly fallen out of use.  They mean, for those that already forgot, Long Play and Extended Play and were a term that made sense when the music industry pressed records.  An Extended Play record, or EP, is longer than a single track recording, and shorter than a full length 33rpm album. EPs also played at 45rpm and have also been known as 45s, or 7inches.  Obviously, this post is about the EP.

Im the One 
1997, Epitaph.  
produced by Stevenson/Egerton

Milo Aukerman - vocals
Bill Stevenson - drums
Stephan Egerton - guitars
Karl Alvarez - bass

  • Im the One
  • Everything Sucks
  • Lucky
  • Shattered Milo 
I love the Descendents, and this particular EP is also the first songs from the band that I ever heard.  Two tracks from the Everything Sucks album are paired with two b-side tracks not on the album.  It is a good thing to have from a fan's standpoint.  Lucky is a great track too.

2001, Lookout!  
produced by Mass Giorgini
Joe Queer - vocals, guitar
Matt Drastic - drums
Dangerous Dave - bass

  • Yeah, Well, Whatever
  • I don't want to go to the Moon
  • I've Had it with You
  • I'm the Boy for You
  • Salt Lake City
Another poppy sounding punk band in the tradition of the Ramones, the Queers have a surfer vibe to them, which is weird, since they're from New Hampshire.  The sound is actually melodic, and better musically than other contemporary punk sounds (think Screeching Weasel).  I enjoy the first and last tracks the most.  In true punk rock fashion they also all use pseudonyms.

Rage Against the Machine
People of the Sun.  
1996, Epic/Revelation
produced by Brendan OBrien

Zach de la Rocha - vocals
Tim Cummerford - bass
Tom Morello - guitar
Brad Wilk - drums

  • People of the Sun
  • Without a Face (live)
  • Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos (live with Chuck D)
  • Zapatas Blood (live)
  • Bulls on Parade
  • Hadda be Playin on the Juke Box (live)
There are actually two versions of this.  I have them both.  The CD has only three tracks, and the vinyl includes Black Steel, Bulls on Parade, and Hadda be Playin on the Jukebox.  The first three live tracks are all from the same show, Pink Pop on March 27, 1996.  Hadda be Playin on the Jukebox is from Milan Dragway, Detroit on July 9, 1993.  I would like to think this is a must have for Rage fans, but the Live and Rare album released in 1998 also includes these tracks, and you get more music if you buy that.

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