Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Norrin Rand, Hanging Ten

Joe Satriani
Surfing with the Alien
1987, Relativity
produced by John Cuniberti

  • Satch Boogie
  • Surfing with the Alien
My dad actually had this album before I did.  I found a copy for like 4 dollars at a used place in college.  But, I did give this extended play back in the day and learned some serious air guitar while my dad let it blast over his serious stereo system (made the windows shake).  As you'll realize, my dad influenced a lot of what I listened to back then.  Most would probably recognize the track Always with me Always with You.  It gets some radio play, which is weird, because it doesn't rock as hard, and it wasn't a single.  This is all music, no lyrics, which is good because Satriani couldn't sing himself out of a paper bag.  The cover art is definitely a rip off of Marvel's Silver Surfer.  If you enjoy technical, precise guitar playing and musicality, this album is a must have for guitar aficionados.

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