Monday, April 25, 2011

The Superest Super Group

Taveling Wilburys
Vol. One 
1988, Warner Brothers Records 
Produced by Otis and Nelson Wilbury

Nelson Wilbury - guitar, vocals
Otis Wilury - guitar, vocals
Lefty Wilbury - guitar, vocals
Charlie T Wilbury, Jr - guitar, vocals
Lucky Wilbury - guitar, vocals, harmonica
Buster Sidebury - drums

  • Handle with Care/ Margarita
  • End of the Line/ Congratulations
This is quite possibly the best musical accident of all time. Starting as a project to record a B-side for a George Harrison single that was so good they just had to record an entire album. This is the way every supergroup wishes it could behave. These guys loved playing together, and egos never got in the way, which is usually how the supergroup project falls apart (see Audioslave, Velvet Revolver).

The songs are fun to listen to, you can sing to them, which is always a plus, and even though you can hear the different individuals in the group, they play well together. Dylan wrote some tracks, however, only one definitely sounds like a Dylan song. Also, this is probably the first time I, as a young kid, realized that sex was something you could sing about, and not get yelled at by your parents.  

The death of Lefty Wilbury was truly a tragedy, and even though the remaining Wilburys released another album a few years later, his contribution was sorely missed. This album was rereleased after the death of Nelson Wilbury in a box set compilation with the second album, and the band reunited to play at a show in his honor with his son Aryton Wilbury sitting in.

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