Friday, April 29, 2011

Joe, Say it Ain't So

The James Gang
Yer' Album
1969, MCA
produced by Bill Szymczyk

Joe Walsh - guitar, vocals, piano
Jim Fox - drums, percussion, keyboards
Tom Kriss - bass, flute


  • I Dont Have the Time/ Fred
Joe Walsh, possibly best known for his singles Life's Been Good, and Rocky Mountain Way, and his work with the Eagles, was in a band before that.  The James Gang was pretty funky, bluesy, and rock and rolly.  Yer' Album is their first, and most fun.  

Recorded in 1969, it features some of the unnecessary experimentation expected from the late '60s, such as an intro that features the band tuning up for 40 seconds, and two intermission pieces of noise and feedback.  However, the band proves it can rock out the blues and jam with the best of the iconic bands of the period and proved, much like Cream had earlier, that a three piece band can have a huge sound.

Don't judge Joe Walsh by his decision to join the Eagles, but instead buy this and other James Gang projects, and then wonder what the hell happened?  

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