Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'm not getting sick (I refuse)

There was a time when I worked with kids. I worked for a before and after school program at an elementary school, I worked for YMCAs and a JCC (the YMCA for Jews). I was sick all the time, but I figured exposure to all those little germ factories helped build my immune system for the better.

I don't work at those places anymore, and as a result, I almost never get sick anymore either. So... either I was right, and my immune system is a wrecking ball, or just not being around children all the time means I don't catch anything.

nice catch. but still, don't touch me
However, I still do get sick sometimes, I think it's probably inevitable. Usually I can feel it coming on, and no matter how much I tell myself "I'm not getting sick" it will happen anyway.

Today, I had the feeling. Too many trips to get a tissue, my nose is running. So... I decided maybe I can head this thing off at the pass, maybe there is something I can eat, or drink to make this go away before it becomes super annoying for a few days. 

I looked up a few "cold rememdy" smoothy recipes, because if you're going to concoct something weird in your kitchen, a smoothie is probably the best way to go. I altered the one I found to be most appealing, because who the hell buys echinacea? It sounds like an STD. 

I mixed: 
  • one 11.5 oz bottle of Simply Orange orange juice
  • one lime (quartered, pulped, tossed in some of the peel too, my grandmother always ate them, said it was super healthy)
  • five or six slices of crystalized ginger
  • 1/3 of a pint of coconut milk ice cream, vanilla flavored
  • one big tablespoon of Dawes Hill wildflower honey
I tossed it all into a blender and out came an surprisingly decent disaster. I threw in a shot of dark rum too, because sailors used to mix their lime juice with rum, and it sounded like a good healthy idea. My only regret was the lime peel. The bitterness wasn't the problem, it just doesn't blend very well. Speaking of not blending well, the ginger sinks to the bottom in a slimy jellied mess. There must be a better way to incorporate ginger into this mixture. 

This picture was actually taken after I drank half of it. So... the portions are a little deceiving.

Bottoms Up

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