Thursday, November 27, 2014


This guy is a pet of a man I met during work.  I asked if the idea was to eat it for Thanksgiving, as it was pretty close to the holiday, and I was laughed at.  He's far too old to eat, apparently.

This particular bird is a Narrangansett turkey, which is a rare type of heritage turkey, which are domestic breeds of Meleagris Gallopavo.  This particular breed is a cross between the Meleagris Gallopavo, and the Meleagris Gallopavo Silvestris.

Judging from the picture I took, this could even be a Silver Narrangansett, which is even more rare, as the Bronze, and Narrangansett breeds are far more popular.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Dynamic Duo, or, those Low Notes that you Hear

Royal Blood
Royal Blood
Warner Brother Records, 2014
Produced by Tom Daglety

Mike Kerr - bass, vocals
Ben Thatcher - drums

  • Out of the Black/ Come on Over
  • Little Monster/ Hole
  • Come on Over/ You Want Me
  • Figure it Out/ Love it and Leave it Alone
  • Ten Tonne Skeleton/ One Trick Pony
There has been a lot in the media recently about how rock music is dead.  Gene Simmons said it, Jerry Coyne from the University of Chicago said it, Pigeons and Planes ran an article about it, and I read a great article about the rise and fall of all great artistic styles with a focus on rock, but I cant find it.  The point made, though, was that all great artistic styles have a golden age where all the best material is created, and Rock Music's golden age had passed.

Royal Blood seems to be a glimmer of hope for a genre that has been in the decline since the mid '90s.  The music is fundamentally sound (pun intended), the lyrics meaningful and catchy.  And it isn't overly produced.  It's only two British guys, without a traditional lead instrument.  Move over Black Keys.  If it's rock you want, that is new and kicks some ass, check them out.  Also, the art for the album cover, and all their singles, is pretty sweet.