Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Put that Needle on the Record!

The Bouncing Souls
How I Spent my Summer Vacation
2001, Epitaph
produced by John Seymore

Greg Attonito - vocals
Pete Steinkopf - guitar
Bryan Keinlen - bass
Michael McDermott - drums

singles -
  • Gone
This is one of my favorite post punk/pop punk/new punk/whatever albums ever. The Bouncing Souls certainly picked a good name for their band, as it describes their melodic rhythm. Each song makes you want to sing along, fist pump, and possibly stage dive into your friends. Antonito's vocals are equal parts Bad Religion's Greg Graffin, and Agnostic Front's Roger Miret. The sound is hopeful, playful, and so good for rocking out while driving. Jo-Ann Green does a good review of the album over at All Music.  

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