Friday, February 28, 2014

None More Black

Back in Black
1980, Albert Records
produced by Mutt Lange

Angus Young - lead guitar
Malcolm Young - rhythm guitar
Cliff Williams - bass
Phil Rudd - drums
Brian Johnson - vocals

singles - 
  • You Shook Me all Night Long/ Have a Drink on Me
  • Hells Bells/ What do You do for Money, Honey
  • What do You do for Money, Honey/ Back in Black
  • Rock and Roll Aint Noise Pollution/ Hells Bells
No other band has come back from the tragic death of their frontman better than AC/DC. Bonn Scott died in February of 1980, and by July the band had hired new singer Brian Johnson and released their follow up to Highway to Hell. This has become the best selling album of their careers.

The album cover is all black with the band name and name of the album outlined. This apparently was done as a show of mourning for their deceased singer, and unlike the parody allbum by Spinal Tap, the record company did not approve. I'm sure this also influenced Metallica when they designed their own black album a decade later.

This album is absolutely a must have for any fan of rock or metal. It shows that even after a seemingly career ending tragedy, a band with a distinct sound can still carry on and be successful.

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