Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Beer Bottle Cap Project

Something New!!

I started a third blog today.  I had this idea for a new project, to keep me busy over the winter. Since I was a kid, I've been collecting bottle caps, for, at the time, no specific end.  I just thought the designs and logos and typefaces were cool.  However, by the time I reached college, I began collecting them as a badge of accomplishment.  One cap from each type of beer I've drank.  And so... the collection grows.  Everything from Bud Light and Coors, to Belgian abbey ales and small defunct micro brews.  

Since this seemed far too involved and specific, I created a separate blog.  This blog will showcase them all, one cap at a time.  and I'll still write other nonsense here at the same time, cluttered by Batman, music, and other stuff, but uncluttered by bottle cap pictures.  Huzzah!  

click me to read about caps!

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