Saturday, July 6, 2013

Selfish Freedom of Religion

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This is quite possibly the best article I've read on the Religious Right lobby in America.  So much domestic policy seems to be held up by this fear of putting "religious freedom" in jeopardy.  However, as this article points out pretty intelligently, religious freedom is really a term used to further an agenda of conservative Christian values.

The focus is on an ongoing lawsuit by the Hobby Lobby, a conservative Christian owned hobby store chain (the Chik-fil-a of the arts and crafts world).  Hobby Lobby refuses to offer health care to employees if that health care system offers contraceptives as part of it's plan.  The Hobby Lobby wants the same exceptions that religious non-profits receive.  The problem is, they aren't a non-profit organization.  They are a for-profit corporation.  At least this isn't about homosexuality and marriage.

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