Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ska in Gainsville

Less Than Jake
Hello Rockview
1998: Capitol Records
produced by Howard Benson

Chris Demakes - Guitar, Vocals
Roger Manganelli - Bass, Vocals
Vinnie Fiorello - Drums
Buddy Schaub - Trombone
Pete Anna - Trombone
Derron Nuhfer - Barri Sax

  • All my Friends are Metalheads/Help Save the Youth of America from Exploding/Rock and Roll Pizzeria
  • History of a Boring Town
This album came with a booklet that had each song illustrated like a Dick Tracy comic book. Pretty awesome. It is one of my favorite ska fueled punk albums, second only to NoFX's So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes. Punk with a horn section was the new thing in the mid to late 90s, and as soon as it exploded, it disappeared. This album will hold a special place for me, as it reminds me of those angsty high school and anxiety filled college years. Last One out of Liberty City starts the album out with a bang, a great way to begin an album full of face paced, melodic punk, punctuated by trombone harmonies. This is actually the only thing from Florida that is worth my time.

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