Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's About Dichotomy!

Beyond Heaven/Above Hell
2010: Rebel Monster
produced by Jacob Hansen

Michael Poulsen- guitar, vocals
Thomas Bredahl- lead guitar
Jon Larsen- drums
Anders Kjolholm- bass

  • Fallen/A Warrior's Call/Rebel Angel
  • Heaven nor Hell/Carolina Leaving
  • Still Counting
  • The Mirror and the Ripper
  • A Warrior's Call
The album can be classified, I suppose, as a concept album, but everything this band releases is one giant concept, and this album is just one link in the chain of the concept that spans several albums.  I've never heard of any other band doing this sort of thing, either, which makes it pretty interesting.

The concept appeals to me in a big way, as I'm a huge dork when it comes to demonology, Faust myth, and Judeo/Christian superstition.  This particular story line is, essentially a deal with the devil with a twist.  The cover art kind of gives away the themes of good and evil, redemption, circular story telling...

The music shows moments of brilliance, as with the use of a harmonica solo in their big single Heaven nor Hell.  The sound blends and changes between Metallica-esque thrash, a little Motorhead inspired garage rock, some blues, rockabilly, and of course Danish death metal (they are from Copenhagen, after all).  

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