Sunday, January 6, 2013

Penises are Funny

I like animated short films.  They are a lot like short stories in literature.  It doesn't take much to be fully invested, and they don't take very much time.  In order to write a good short story, or produce a good short film, the writing has to be good, and the characters, plot, and climax can not take very long to explain or arrive at.  I found this film about a month ago.

Wanted Melody from Wanted Melody on Vimeo.

It is from a team of french animators.  Their webpage for their campaign is here.  The project is funded completely by donation, and the plan is to produce a few smaller shorts to pitch to studios in order to fund a series of shorts.

The potential is staggering.  The subject has no facial features, and so the animation and movement of the subject has to convey emotion.  Also, the fact that there is no dialogue allows for the animation and the music to set mood and tell stories.  The animation team could have chosen any inanimate object, however they chose the "willie".  The penis is timeless.  It is also always funny.  To sum up, the creators explain it this way on their website:

Why Willies?
  • Universality
  • A willy is a common and symbolic object which concern the whole world, every continent, every culture, 50% of the people got one !
  • A whole symbol !
  • Since the dawn of time, phallic representations are in every culture, particularly in arts, as a virility, fertility and pleasure symbol.
  • Breaking down prejudice
  • Succeeding in telling a story with willies as characters, is a challenge that can surprise the spectator, simply telling human, universal stories, without pretention, funny, surprising, and delicate at the same time. Willies can be proud of their symmbolic, and its rudeness only depends on the look that they carry.

    of course this whole thing made me instantly remember this scene from Superbad...  

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