Monday, January 9, 2012

Dead as a Doornail

The Crocodiles
Sleep Forever
2010, Fat Possum
produced by James Ford

I bought this used.  Amazon is a great place to buy music on the cheap, especially if you like a hard physical copy of the album, and not just digital files.  I discovered The Crocodiles on another blog.  This is my hipster purchase of the year.  Not only has no one heard of them, but the sound is very indie and drone and pretty much reminds me of the Cure, and The Jesus and Mary Chain.  They are classified as "noise pop" and "lo-fi", whatever that means, generally music genre classification is bogus anyway.  Pitchfork gives it a 6.8.  I'm going to put my scarf on now and ride my bicycle to buy a soy latte.

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