Monday, October 31, 2011

Where Have all the Piano Players Gone?

Billy Joel
Storm Front
1989, Columbia
produced by Mick Jones

  • We Didn't Start the Fire/ House of Blue Light
  • Leningrad/ Goodnight Saigon/ Scandinavian Skies
There hasn't been another Billy Joel, and probably won't be ever again.  The closest you can get, I think, is probably Ben Folds, as he is also a piano player, but Folds could never match up to Billy Joel's list of hits, media exposure, or talent.  This album showcases Joel's ability to create a pop hit.  We Didn't Start the Fire was a number one hit when released.  However, it is definitely not the best track on the album, and has over shadowed many of the better songs.  Mick Jones of Foreigner produced, and definitely delivered.  My favorite track is the last one, And So it Goes.  Joel's ability to write is astounding, and it puzzles me that he just all of a sudden stopped.  Such great talent can't possibly just disappear, and since he's not dead yet, where has he been?

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