Friday, October 7, 2011

No, It's Not a Metal Band

Death Cab for Cutie
2003, Barsuk
produced by Chris Walla

Ben Gibbard - vocals, guitar, piano
Chris Walla - guitar, keyboards
Nick Harmer - bass
Jason McGerr - drums
Mike Kezner - sitar


  • New Year
  • Sound of Settling
  • Title and Registration

If hipsters gave out awards, this band would get one just for their name...  you see, it's not a goth emo metal band from Pittsburgh, it's a folksy rock band from Washington state.  That's irony!  I like this band.  They don't rock as hard, but the Pixies and Radiohead can definitely be heard as influences.  Ben Gibbard helped give rise to the new folk rock scene and hipster/indie music explosion in the early part of the new millennium, a refreshing change to the staleness of pop punk bands and post grunge rockers of the previous decade.  
It is fun to mention that Chris Walla is a band member and producer.  And Ben Gibbard divorced Zooey Deschannel, the prettiest girl next door on television. 

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