Saturday, October 15, 2011

Is that a Mutant Pineapple?

Jorma Kaukonen and Tom Hobson.  
1974, Grunt
produced by Jack Cassady

Jorma Kaukonen - guitars and vocals on all but Blue Prelude and Sweet Hawaiian Sunshine
Tom Hobson - guitar and vocals only on Blue Prelude and Sweet Hawaiian Sunshine

This album is so very cool.  Not only is it nearly perfect (including Tom Hobson tracks at the end nearly ruin it, he kinda sucks), but the producer is the other half of Hot Tuna, Jack Cassady.  RCA (Grunt's parent company) nixed the idea of a Kaukonen/Hobson split record because they didn't think Hobson would be accepted by the public.  And they were probably right.  Hobson's two tracks are pretty bad, he can't sing at all.  However, despite Hobson's shortcomings, the rest of the album is incredible.  Acoustic guitar awesomeness combined with a occasional cool string section.  This is not the usual blues standards Kaukonen is known for, if you like good acoustic guitar picking, check this one out.  I used a lyric from Hamar Promenade in my high school year book.

yellow vinyl!  #1131/2500

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