Friday, July 15, 2011

Vodka not Included

regina spektor
Begin to Hope
2006, Sire
produced by David Kahne


  • On the Radio/ Ain't No Cover
  • On the Radio/ Dusseldorf
  • Fidelity/ Music Box
  • Better
  • Summer in the City

She's Russian, pretty, and her voice is amazing.  Anti-folk is how she explains her music, and I guess that means using creative rhythms and silly sounds to punctuate her folksy melodies.  If Jewel were tougher and Russian, and better looking...

I really can't say how much I enjoy this album...  it's a lot.  The first four tracks are the strongest, and if you don't want to buy or listen to an entire album, those four should be on your To Do list.  I have the special edition release, which has an additional 5 track EP attached.  These extra tracks are pretty forgettable, and one can see why they were left off the original release.  An interesting side note: Dashboard Confessional covered Better... of course he did, that pansy.

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