Thursday, June 30, 2011

She can Kiss Me with her Fist Any Time

Florence and the Machine
2009, Island
produced by Paul Epworth, James Ford, Charlie Hugall, Stephen MacKey, Eg White

Florence Welch - vocals, drums
Rob Ackroyd - guitars, bass
Christopher Lloyd Hayden - drums
Tom Monger - harp
Isabella Summers - drums

  • Kiss with a Fist/ Hospital Beds
  • Dog Days are Over/ You've got the Love
  • Rabbit Heart/ Are you Hurting the One you Love
  • Drumming Song/ Falling
  • You've got the Love
  • Cosmic Love
The strength of this music is tough to describe. There is so much depth to this, if there was a royal rumble of contemporary music, this group would be tossing out contenders left and right. James Christopher Monger from AllMusic describes the album as equal parts Sinead O'Connor, Kate Bush and Fiona Apple. I'd like to think of Janis Joplin being less bluesy and more folk and I think you'd nail Florence Welch on the head.

Kiss with a Fist and Dog Days are Over are probably the best tracks. Kiss with a Fist reminds me of songs like O Bondage Up Yours by X-Ray Speks, and Wave a White Flag by Elvis Costello.

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