Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Punks Not Dead... its still twitching

Agnostic Front
Somethings Gotta Give 
1998, Epitaph  
Produced by Billy Milano
Roger Miret - vocals
Vinnie Stigma - guitar
Rob Kabula - bass
Jim Colletti - drums
Tim Armstrong, Lars Fredericksen, Jimmy Gestapo - backing vocals

  • Gotta Go (Punkorama 4)

Roger Miret had some success after this with the Disasters, and of course, Tim and Lars from Rancid and Jimmy Gestapo of Murphys Law add their vocal talents.  This album has become a time capsule... 

Agnostic Front started in 1980, a band from that American Hardcore scene that Paul Rachman, Henry Rollins, and Fat Mike like to talk about.  After that scene fell apart, they continued on and eventually helped start the NY/HC era in the late '80s and early '90s along with Ray Beez from Warzone.  

This album was their return to the sound and scene that they helped create in New York, and sadly, one of the last good examples of a genre that petered out by the end of the decade.  The punk/metal fused genre with socially conscious overtones bridged the genre of Victory Records with that American Hardcore scene from the early '80s.

The street punk hardcore sound on this album is fantastic, no one does it better, I believe, and no one has been able to do it as well since.  Something for every punk rock kid's collection.

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