Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A new project

I recently have a lot of time on my hands.  I've decided, after staring at my piles of CDs in my living room, that I ought to give them all a listen.  Partly because I have nothing better to do, and partly because, I think I've forgotten what I actually have.  So, from now on...  or at least for quite awhile, I will be listening to, learning about, and giving reviews for the music I find in my pile.
Everyday, I plan to pick out an album from the pile, give them a complete listen, and then add a post concerning what I've heard and perhaps some personal bits I can remember from purchasing the album, or whatever.  Enjoy.

Spin Doctors.  
Pocket Full of Kryptonite 
1991, Epic records.  
Produced by Peter Denenberg/Frankie LaRocka

Chris Barron - vocals
Aaron Comess - drums, percussion, Hammond organ, vocals
Eric Schenkman - guitar, piano
Mark White - bass
featuring John Popper on harmonica and John Bush on percussion

  • Jimmy Olsen’s Blues/Little Miss Cant be Wrong
  • Jimmy Olsen’s Blues/ Yo Mama’s a Pajama
  • Little Miss Cant be Wrong/ What Time is it?
  • Two Princes/ Yo Mama’s a Pajama/ Little Miss Cant be Wrong
  • Two Princes/ Off my Line/ Rosetta Stone
  • What Time is it?/ Two Princes
Part of the jam band emergence from New York in the '80s and '90s, The Spin Doctors, fronted by Chris Barron, debuted their sound on this album.  A mix of blues and funk, and classic rock frames Barron’s great big voice.  Despite some silly uses of sound effects like ringing alarms clocks and phone tones, which were the fad at the time (early '90s), the album as a whole is excellent.  The singles are catchy, and proved that this particular music scene was radio worthy.  This is a complete album, no filler, and deserves to be in every rock collection.  It seems to pop up in just about everyone’s music pile anyway.  It has become a classic.  The downside is realizing that, partly due to Chris Barron's battle with throat cancer, the band disappeared after such a strong debut.  

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