Wednesday, April 20, 2011

British Folk Girls are Cute

Laura Marling: 
I Speak Because I Can 
2010. Virgin Records 
Produced by Ethan Johns

Laura Marling - guitar, voice
Marcus Mumford - drums
Winston Marshall - banjo
Ted Dwane - double bass
Tom Hobden - fiddle
Ruth De Turberville - cello
Pete Roe - keyboards


  • Goodbye England
  • Devil's Spoke
  • Rambling Man

I bought this album after I heard her cover of The Blues Run the Game on the radio.  I actually searched pretty hard to find out who she was and then which album has this particular song on it.  I discovered that the recording was done for an EP that I couldn't get a hold of.  So, I bought this album instead.  Laura Marling may be familiar from her work with Jonah and the Whale, or Mumford and Sons.  If these don't sound familiar, congratulations, you aren't a hipster, or indie music douche.  Marling is British folk.  There isn't anything else to say here.  The beauty of sound is simple, her voice needing not much aide.  This reminds me of Steel-eye Span, and Fairport Convention, only without excess instrumentation.  If quiet yet strong folk is what you desire, look no further.

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