Sunday, April 24, 2011

Always Tip the Delivery Boy

Jerry Garcia/ David Grisman/ Tony Rice
The Pizza Tapes 
2000, Acoustic Disc
Produced by David Grisman

David Grisman - Mandolin
Jerry Garcia - Guitar
Tony Rice - Guitar

Jerry Garcia is famous for being the Grateful Dead front man, as well as leading his own band named after himself, however, he also played with New Riders of the Purple Sage, Legion of Mary, and Old and in the Way. David Grisman was one of his better friends and also one of the best mandolin players in the genre. They played together many times, and when together, referred to themselves as Grateful Dawg. This album is a great example of crime benefiting everyone.  

The fact that this would probably not be produced and released as an album if it were not for a thieving pizza delivery boy makes it pretty damn interesting. This particular jam session with Jerry Garcia, Tony Rice, and David Grisman was recorded, which we're all truly grateful. But then the tapes were stolen by a pizza man and bootlegged, becoming a much sought after recording. David Grisman then recovered the stolen masters and released it professionally through his own bluegrass label. It is one of a long list of posthumous Garcia releases, and probably opens this conversation up to the ethics of releasing material  featuring a dead celebrity... 

The informal session gives a glimpse into the relationships of these three artists that wouldn't necessarily come across in a more professionally produced album. Plus, this is the only known recording of Garcia playing Amazing Grace. Although not the finest piece of Garcia related recording, it is still worth a listen, especially for die-hard fans.  

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